How to Waterproof a Flat Roof with EPDM Rubber Roofing

Rubber roofing EPDM  is considered as one of the best roofing products that can offer waterproof protection for your home. If you are thinking about useing this roofing for your flat roof and a bit confused about the installation process then here are the step by step procedure that you can follow to install EPDM rubber roofing on your flat roof.


Clean the surface before the installation


For installing the water rubber roofing, the first requirement is a clean, dust free and dry surface. Otherwise, the installation cannot be done. Clean it perfectly. If it is an old roof then more attention is required.


Start the process by installing the Drip Batten


Install the drip batten in the gutter. That will help to extend the deck of the roof so that water will go into drips.


Install the Drip Trim


The Drip Trim has both back and the front piece. Install the back piece with the help of the provided nails. Then try to align the curved top edge with the timber batten.


Check the Wall upstand


Then you can check the motor joints of the brick by using an angle grinder to make sure that it is in a good condition for the installment.


Loosen up Rubber Membrane


After that, you can keep the rubber membrane in a relaxing position for half an hour.


Fold the Rubber Membrane Halfway


Then you need to fold the rubber membrane to expose the half of the roof deck.


Apply Deck and Contact Adhesive


After doing all these preparation, now you can apply water based Deck Adhesive and you can use a 9’’ paint roller for the application. While doing this, just leave a 150 mm area that can be used later for bonding with contact Adhesive. Turn the EPDM membrane back immediately into the position while the adhesive is wet. After it dries up, then you can apply a thin coat of contact adhesive to the cover deck perimeter and you can also apply it on the back of the rubber membrane. Then leave it some time for drying off. Then cut any surfeit material.

Apply Rubber Primer


Now you can apply a coat of EPDM rubber Primer by using a paint brush. Make sure that you have applied it evenly. Then leave it for some time to be dried up, once it dried up completely install elastoform tape.

Installation of some other equipment

After the installation of the elatoform tape, you can install wall trim, Rawl Plug, and Fastener. Then fold the pigs’ ear and fit the trim corner, kerb edge, and joining clip. And finally you can cut the excess of the rubber membrane and with that the installation will be completed.

These are the steps of installing the EPDM rubber roofing. By following these steps, you can do the waterproof installation on your own. But if you have any doubt about the installation process then consider taking the help of any professionals for the installation. A good and safe installation is must since it is about the security and safety of your home.

This video will show you how not to fit EPDM rubber roofing to your flat roof.