How to extract gold from printer cartridge circuitry

Ink cartridges have often been sold to companies in exchange for cash. However, selling the ink cartridge in its wholesome form does not garner a lot of money. The best way to make the most of your cartridge is by extracting the gold on it. Yes, ink cartridges have gold on their circuitry. How can one extract this?

Remove the gold chips from the ink cartridges

The first step is to remove the gold chips from the ink cartridges. The chips are usually located on the exterior of the cartridge. Ensure that the chips are made of gold and not copper, since copper does not garner a lot of money. Use a screw driver on large cartridges and a knife on the small ones. Stick the knife under the gold ribbon and pry it up carefully. When it is properly raised, peel it off gently in order to get all the gold out.


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Extraction Process

For your extraction process, you will need the following tools: gloves, goggles, respirator or a face mask and carry out the extraction outside, or in a well ventilated area. You will need chemicals such as muriatic acid, house bleach and stump out.

Put 150ml of hydrochloric acid in a jar. In a separate jar, pour in 50ml of house bleach. Use glass jars since glass does not react to chemicals. Take the jar with hydrochloric acid and pour in house bleach, a little at a time. Add a few ribbons in to the jar and stir the mixture gently. As you stir, you will notice that the solution starts turning yellow. This means that the gold is moving from the ribbons to the solution. As you continue stirring, add some of the bleach you had left in the jar. When the extra bleach is added, white foam will be formed but it will clear within seconds.


As one continues stirring, you will notice that the solution gets a richer yellow color. Take one ribbon out and check whether the gold has been removed from it. If the gold is off, take the ribbon out completely. Add more gold foils in to the solution and continue stirring. Ensure that you do not suffocate the solution with too many ribbons. Too many ribbons will result to some parts not getting in to contact with the solution, hence the gold will not be removed efficiently.


When you add more ribbons, the solution turns to auric chloride. Auric chloride is a rich chemical combination of chlorine and gold. Such a rich solution can contain up to an ounce of gold if the process is carried out effectively. When all the ribbons have had their gold removed, pour out the solution in to another jar. Filter the solution in order to remove metal particles from it. Particles hamper the effectiveness of the precipitation process. Leave the solution to settle and saturate for a couple of days. When it saturates efficiently, precipitate it to get the gold from it.


In order for you to get a considerable amount of gold, get the ribbons from several ink cartridges. The use of chemicals means that one should be extremely careful in their handling. With this process, you will be able to make a good amount of money from your gold.


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